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Infrastructure space systems

Our mission

Our mission is to provide resources supporting space industry and space travel within reach for everyone. We are a company that enhances the space industry by creating space infrastructure systems. We look for possibilities to realize this infrastructure on the moon.

The competition

Our team is currently participating in a competition at NASA; Break The Ice Lunar Challenge. The team of eleven is developing a new technology that can solve the need for water in space. We are currently creating designs and documenting the thought process.

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Our product

We are currently addressing the problem of water on the moon. We are doing this by developing vehicles that can dig up ice on the moon and convert it into water. Later we plan to expand towards other commodities such as metals and gases which are also available on the moon.

Our Team

David Dijkstra, director of Moon Industry: “When I was younger I was always interested in space and aerospace technology, from school projects to toys. Everything revolved around space, and in the year 2019 I started my study in aerospace technology in the Netherlands.”

With my fellow students we have formed a team that consists of ten international students from all over the world. Besides our education, we are busy with the competition and setting up this company. We are all very enthusiastic about space travel and the development that comes with it. We can use our knowledge gained from the education program to come up with great solutions. Within our team we all have different tasks. 

David Dijkstra

CEO, Moon Industry Holding BV

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