Our Mission

Space infrastructure systems from Earth for all planets

A future where we expand but not destroy in space

Do you remember the first time you built something, created but not destroyed? We do too. It felt like we were inventors, artists, cooks and musicians. It simply felt good…  So we continue like that first time! Let’s expand.


Our team of skilled engineers and business professionals work collaboratively to achieve our common goal. We operate with agility, like a startup, to ensure we meet our objectives. Through this approach, we design and construct machines that facilitate the growth of humanity in space

Suplying raw materials & building infrastructure

Company timeline


Moon Industry was founded in September of 2019 in The Netherlands by Rene Daatselaar Baarslag at the age of 22 and David Dijkstra at the age of 20.

They met at a party and discovered a shared passion for space and a dream of standing on the moon one day.

Partnership with the TU Delft

Expantion and self-funded

Prototype building and testing of our system for semi finals of NASA's BTIL