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Our Team

Rene Daatselaar Baarslag

After 6 years of working with startup company’s in several sectors I met David. Early on he discused with me his dreams of going to space and how he knew a way to maybe get there.

After starting Housone, Woodsdigital, and coaching startup owners for the past 4 years I knew this project was perfect for me to help with.

My role is to accelerate the business side of the company!



LinkedIn: Rene Daatselaar Baarslag

Twitter: ReneDaatselaarB


Gonzalo Gangoiti

My name is Gonzalo Gangoiti and I am a very international Aeronautical Engineering student. I have done my studies in Spain, the UK, I am currently in the Netherlands. My biggest interest lay in the military sector of engineering and have done projects striving to improve my knowledje in this subject which have given me plenty skills that I have put to good use and will continue doing so.



Instagram: yourboigangoi

LinkedIn: Gonzalo Gangotio

Twitter: Gangoimaboi

Ali Khairalla

I am Ali Khairalla

An Aeronautical engineering student, currently in the Netherlands

A curious and focused person on learning in all parts of life I look for the hardest problems to solve and where I can learn and develop the most.





Instagram: 3ly_5airy

LinkedIn: Ali Khairalla

Frankie Riley

I am currently a second year student at InHolland’s Aeronautical Program. This program was the choice for me since I aim to be on the cutting edge of technology developing new ways to further the development of society. The work being done on this team, I believe, is doing just that which makes me so excited to be a part of the team!




 Instagram: choochuman


Martijn Zegers

I am a student, and since this year leader of two projects. I know what it takes to successfully run and finish a project.

I try my best to give all that I have and see what happens.

There’s never certainty that something succeeds, but the will to grow and discover is my point of view.



 Instagram: martijnzegers_

Twitter: ZMartijn


Hey, I am Hylke, a proud member of Moon Industry and a big fan of technology. I am a 17 year old student at Hogeschool Inholland Delft. I’m currently in my first year of Presicion Engineering. I hope to contribute a piece of my knowledge while learning a lot of new information working on this project.





Instagram: hylke03


Matin Shams











Instagram: matinshams81

 LinkedIn: Matin Shams

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